Monthly networking events are here!

Uncategorized Jul 23, 2024

Join us every 3rd Tuesday of the month at the Dive Bar in Gland.

Drop in for a drink, meet some great people and grow your network in a relaxed atmosphere.

ℹ About the events
These are monthly events held to give us a chance to get to know each other better and dive into the deeper discussions. What does everyone do? How can we help each other? Refer each other? Work together?

Registration is free but requested for organisation purposes. The link is below.

Who is it for
Are you looking to put your career on the RIGHT rails or building your business? This is the place for you. 
This is a group of open minded, ambitious and smart people. As the saying goes, you are the average of the five people you are surrounded most by.
Surround yourself well!

What to expect
18:00 and 20:00 at the Dive Bär in Gland
drop in, get yourself a drink at the bar and join the group
Around 18:30 there will be a few ice breakers to get you going
Mix and mingle and have a nice evening!

 When do they...

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Introducing ✨ Community Light ✨

Uncategorized Jul 16, 2024

Are you curious about joining the community but hesitant to commit?

I get it, MasterMinds meetings require a significant commitment in time and it may not be for you (yet! ).

 That's why I'm excited to introduce a new membership option: 

Community LIGHT
This is the perfect opportunity to join us in a much more flexible way and experience the benefits it brings. 

The membership is at CHF80 per month with a minimum 6-month commitment. 

What's the difference with the classic membership?

 Included: Two monthly workshops
gain valuable skills and insights to boost your professional and business growth

 Included: Weekly co-working on Tuesdays in the center of Nyon
Instant problem solve, get focused and power through your to-do list

 Included: Book your own 45min "Hot seat" 
Leverage the collective intelligence between us. Work through something specific you feel stuck on to get immediate, relevant action points.

 You don't join a MasterMinds...

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Did you know there is an "Upcoming Events" WhatsApp group?

upcoming events Jul 10, 2024

Interested in hearing about our upcoming events? Join the WhatsApp group!

There is a lot going on in terms of events and activities. In order to keep it simple we have created a WhatsApp group in which we will keep you informed. 

The group is a no chat group.
Upcoming events linked to our community will be published as they appear on the calendar radar.

Some will guide you to the website in case you want to read more about it or register. 
Others will invite you to join a different group on the topic specifically so you can keep updated.

It's an easy way to keep informed without having to go looking for the information every time.

Free to join
It's free for anyone to join. If you are interested you can request to join us here. You will be let in shortly after. There is a filter to avoid robots or those that are ill-intentioned Yes fine, I cant remember the proper term but you know what I mean!

Have a look in the Group Description
Once you are in the group have a look at...

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What are your new MasterMinds membership options? Get ready for some double trouble!

Uncategorized Jul 04, 2024

What has changed with the MasterMinds community memberships? There are now three options to choose from!
Until August 25th you can benefit from the DOUBLE TROUBLE promotion. More information below

Depending on what you are looking for, you now have several MasterMinds membership options. Here is a brief summary of what is what:

"Community Light"
Are you looking to develop pro skills and network on a deeper level?

For those in the Nyon area seeking more than networking, join a community of English-speaking entrepreneurs. Here, you can share challenges, inspirations, and solutions, connecting deeply with like-minded peers.


Break through professional or entrepreneurial isolation and grow your in a targeted way by leveraging the collective intelligence and knowing what to focus on.

Join a Mastermind group to accelerate your progress and sharpen your decision-making. In these focused, small groups, set clear goals, tackle specific challenges, and collaborate on...

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Looking for a venue in the center of Nyon? Rent the Clubhouse!

clubhouse office space Jun 30, 2024

Our B-inspired Clubhouse can be booked for your own events too. Read on for more information.

The space has been created specifically to host a variety of dirrerent types of events. Whether you are booking it for a workshop, A space to hold a meeting or conference call or maybe you want somewhere that can be used for making a video or taking some pictures?

Tables move around and can be folded to the side easily

The beamer projects onto a big white wall and is connected through bluetooth

It will fit up to 20 people

The flip chart os ready to spark creativity

A coffee machine is ever ready to go (it loves to make itself heard though!)

5 minute walk from the Nyon train station


In short, its a lovely space that has already seen many lovely people in it (of which you are likely one!)

Wednesday - Sunday it's rentable depending on availability obviously at pretty competitive rates.

Head over to the website for a few more Images and all the information you might be looking...

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The MasterMinds Summer party - The planned and the unplanned!


On the 11th of June we had our summer party at the new Clubhouse. Hit the play button for a welcome message...!

It was an opportunity for us all to get together, MasterMinds members and friends and not so much network as get to know each other a little better ... from a different angle lets say!


Get a new nickname.
Of course there will always be a game of some sort... :-) I just can't resit. 
This time around it was all about learning what your conversation partner is passionate about. As participants listened to their partners give some insight as to what they love to do, they were given the task to come up with a nickname for them based on what they perceived. One the receiver liked may I add!
This nickname went onto the name tags and so it fuelled some interesting conversations post-ice breaker too. 

Who knew we had such a musical community?
We could have made a band with "Sax", "Starmania", "Maestro", "Rhythm" and "Treble Clef" 
As I look at the picture I see...

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Watch The Webinar: Get Unstuck

Summer is a great time for some reflection. Why not watch the "Get Unstuck" webinar and let your mind wander over what you want next for yourself?


In this webinar I cover 3 main topics:

What are you good at?
Not just good; but better than most people. These are probably elements you may not even consider as you think they are so easy for you, everyone else must find them easy too. They don't. Go on a treasure hunt of your own biggest strengths. How do you identify them and what can you do with them?

What are your dreams?
Silly as it can feel, it's so common that we don't really know what we WANT. Don't worry though, this is perfectly normal. In the dreams section I give a few hints on how you can go about identifying which direction you WANT to go in, rather than thinking through all the things you COULD do. They are two very different things!

What is your reality?
Yup. The scrooge of the three! Yet you need to be taking into consideration your reality if you are going to make...

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Upcoming changes to the MasterMinds membership structure

Uncategorized Jun 20, 2024

The B-inspired community has grown well so far. Like any entrepreneurial venture, from time to time you reach a point whereby you need to rethink and update the structure and processes that are in place to make sure they are still effective.


Upcoming changes to the MasterMinds membership structure

As of June 17th, the structure of the Mastermind membership will evolve. There will be 3 separate options depending on what your current priorities are.  


If you are already a member, you will see a few changes happening between now and over the next few weeks

  • Members directory in progress so you can find and work with each other in an easier way. There is a questionnaire for you to fill out here that will allow me to compile the information.
  • Alignment 60min session for you to set your priorities and milestones for the upcoming months
  • Clubhouse can be rented for your own workshops or any other use you may have for it. You can see all the rental options with this link
  • ...
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On the days I struggle to find any energy...

  Yes, I'm generally a positive person.
Yes, I love what I do to the point that every now and then I have to pinch myself to see if I'm not dreaming.
And yes, there are days when I struggle to get anything done at all.

‍ On those days, I feel like I'm moving under water and I never know quite how to handle the feeling.
  How do I snap out of it, and get on with what needs to be done?
But then I remind myself, Im only human and I'm not a robot.
Just because I'm happy with everything I have, it does not mean I can't ALSO be tired. 
It's not either/or.
For me, the best thing to do in those moments is simply retreat into my shell for a while and stop forcing myself to be "productive".

Because it ends up being counter productive. I just sit and stare at my screen feeling too guilty to stop because I haven't produced anything useful and too tired to think.

I've found that spending some time alone and doing absolutely nothing...

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The Link between Profit and Mindset

We start our business with a dream in mind and a lifestyle we imagine. Align your business, your mindset and your profits so you can live your purpose.

Join us on the 24th of June between 09:30 and 12:00 for the last workshop before we break for the summer in this workshop is facilitated by Fran Strickland.


We learn how to make sure our mindset is in the right place. This in turn ALLOWS us to create the business we had in mind at the start.


  1. How do you begin to get your mind and body to work together for financial prosperity?
  2. How does your self-concept manifest in connection with financial success?
  3. In what ways can the Law of Attraction be practically applied in a business context?
  4. What transformative insights and real-life examples can guide us towards unlocking financial abundance?

In this 2.5-hour workshop, we will embark on a transformative journey, discovering themselves through the workshop's content and subtle ways to elevate the financial...

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