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The B-inspired MasterMinds community is a diverse group of purpose-driven entrepreneurs coming together to share their experiences, insights and challenges. Collaborating to grow both individually and as the collective group.

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Whether you're all-in, or wanting to dip in a toe, here are your options:

Do you recognise yourself?

Feel like you are falling short of your ambitions for your business?

You make big plans but are not managing to execute them? 

Feeling isolated working as an entrepreneur?

Miss an authentic peer group that will challenge and motivate you? 

Trouble identifying  exactly what  your strengths and blind spots are? 

Need a safe space to share wins and challenges with others?

Then B-inspired Masterminds could be the missing part of your entrepreneurial journey. 

Why did I create MasterMinds?

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Why join the membership?



Create forward momentum

The MasterMinds groups provide a peer network where you meet and update each other every week.

It’s a safe space to share your wins, your challenges and ask for support.

Accountability is responsible for up to 95% of successfully reaching your goals: Telling your respected peers what your weekly goals are will make it much easier and more fun to commit to them, and ensure you keep moving forward consistently.


Clarity and confidence on next steps

The diverse group ensures you receive 360-degree feedback on your business, uncovering any blind spots you may have missed.

Through impactful discussions and insights,  you will gain clarity and confidence to move your business forward with cohesive precision.

No more wondering what the best thing to do is, you will feel much more clarity.


Upskill and keep learning

Members will benefit from two workshops every month given by different industry experts on a wide variety of topics.

This actively develops your knowledge through continuous learning. You will see how to prepare your business for the future and incorporate the knowledge.

You are welcome to attend as a non-member for a registration fee starting at CHF 55.-

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"Mandy and the MasterMinds community she created had a remarkable impact on my business and life. With her unwavering support, I have experienced transformative growth, gained clarity, and developed the confidence to pursue my goals. Mandy fosters a strong sense of community, providing invaluable insights and connections. Her dedication and personalized guidance make her MasterMinds a game-changer. Thank you, Mandy, for transforming my business and life in ways I never thought possible."

Lynn Bruines
Business consultant, coach, and trainer.¬†‚ÄĚ

About MasterMinds groups


Picture this: a dynamic, diverse group of individuals coming together to share experiences, insights and challenges.

Masterminds groups leverage the power of collective intelligence and share successes, challenges as well as hold each other accountable.

We believe in the transformative power of open and honest communication. Creating a culture of trust, respect, accountability and authenticity.


Community Light


*Min. 6 months

  • Access to all MasterMinds workshops
  • 1:1 session "Leverage your network"
  • Weekly co-working
  • "Hot seat" Laser focus on your business issue
  • Access to Members Directory
  • Resource library &¬†online trainings
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MasterMinds Classic


*Min. 6 months

  • All community light features
  • MasterMinds group meetings (2/month)
  • Accountability "GoalGrid" tracking
  • 1:1 goal and priority (re)alignment session
  • Run a workshop and gain visibility
  • Your business featured on B-inspired blog
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Next Level


*Min. 12 months

  • All MasterMinds Classic features
  • 2.5 day planning retreat in the French Alps included
  • "Discover" Assessment and 1:1 feedback session
  • CHF500 cash voucher: Outsource to an expert
  • Quarterly 1:1 priority realignment session¬†
  • 1/2 Clubhouse space rental per month
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"The workshop helped me identify what my priorities were and what was the non-negotiables of my life. It gave me clarity what I look for regarding the next steps of my life. "

Lucie Mauron

Finance and operations manager

"It’s such a pleasure to work with Mandy. She is whole-heartedly invested in the people she works with and what is the best solution for them given their situation. "   

Roma Vuarier


"Working with Mandy Bronsil was a real turn around for me. In a matter of weeks, I went from an unsure dreamer to a confident doer."

Julie Meyer

Philantropy entrepreneur


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