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Is it time to make a real change in your life?

When you get serious about it, you develop the necessary courage to take action.

There are many options to chose from below as to how you can get started ranging from attending a single group event to a complete program.

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Entrepreneurial Community

The B-inspired mastermind community is a group of like-minded ambitious entrepreneurs making a difference together.

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Career Clarity

Sometimes it's time to rethink what you want from your career and how it fits in with your life. Get the practical support you need.

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All about the Masterminds

Join our community in a way that works for YOU.
Here are your options.


Develop or perfect a skill at one of the events on the agenda at CHF45 per event for non-MM Members. These are hosted by the Mastermind community members where they share their expertise. 

These workshops are groups of max. 15 people and also provide a wonderful networking opportunity.

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Gain momentum 

You're not in the mastermind community (yet!) but you're loving the workshops and the vibe!

Grab a pass to register for any 5 upcoming workshops of your choice and benefit from the magical (read super fun and uplifting) community at a 20% discount off the single rate.

CHF 180.- 20% OFF

Stronger Together

The mastermind groups 4-6 like-minded business owners who meet weekly/ bi-weekly to help each other and themselves grow.

Membership includes free access to all workshops (two a month) and hot seat opportunities. Apply for the next cohort here and join the community!

CHF 150. p/m- Apply Now


"The weekly huddle in a supportive, diverse, smart group of people to set my priorities straight and keep me accountable.”


“My productivity goes up as I want to check off my priorities for the next week. I’m feeling motivated & I see that I’m moving forward fast!”


“I love being part of this empowering community where we all bring in our personal strengths, personalities and perspectives.”

You know this is not IT in the long run; but what IS?

Make sense of all those "Options". Stay away from overwhelm and make good choices. I'm here to help you get clear.

Your Tailored Workshop

You have something specific you're a little stuck on, and want a boost. 

Whether it's navigating the salary negotiations, getting yourself application ready or honing your interview skills. A 90min online or in person workshop to use as you need it most right now.

CHF 380.- Tell me more

The Online Course

In this 12 week online course you are guided through a shif in mindset, identifying what you want and setting your goals and actions accordingly. 

Follow the step by step process at your own pace. Go from unsure to clear and motivated to take action.

CHF 757.- Tell me more

From Unclear to Action

Together, we build a career roadmap in 4 1:1 sessions, starting with a DISCOVER assessment that evaluate your the dimensions of behaviour and motivation.

Stimulate new insights and leverage your unique strengths and true passions. Build an action plan!

CHF 1'200.- Tell me more


“I often refer back to the assessments and to the work we did together. It was very relevant and useful to me. Thank you for the support.”  


"Your course if very well thought out and I am enjoying the psychology that runs through the modules. It provides a practical process."


“Your support always helps me feel confident and see beyond the barriers I put up for myself. They don’t exist in reality and you will point that out.”  

Get started with the

free resources

Below are a few resources you might find useful to start with. 

Awareness is the greatest agent for change.

The questionnaire will give you the courage to look into the mirror and see what is truly there. Take a deep breath and get started today!

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Are you making
any of these?

An honest and insightful article on the most common mistakes, why they matter and how to avoid them.
Don't make the same ones!

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Join the
resilience challenge!

A 6-day email challenge that will push you out of your comfort zone in an unexpected and fun way. Who said building up resilience was difficult? Join in & start!

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Who you chose to work with depends on compatibility too.


Schedule a 30min call & grab a coffee, let's have a chat.

Get in touch and I would love to hear any questions you have as well as a little more on what you are looking for.

It's time to take action. Let's get focused on that life you are building!

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