The Link between Profit and Mindset

We start our business with a dream in mind and a lifestyle we imagine. Align your business, your mindset and your profits so you can live your purpose.

Join us on the 24th of June between 09:30 and 12:00 for the last workshop before we break for the summer in this workshop is facilitated by Fran Strickland.


We learn how to make sure our mindset is in the right place. This in turn ALLOWS us to create the business we had in mind at the start.


  1. How do you begin to get your mind and body to work together for financial prosperity?
  2. How does your self-concept manifest in connection with financial success?
  3. In what ways can the Law of Attraction be practically applied in a business context?
  4. What transformative insights and real-life examples can guide us towards unlocking financial abundance?

In this 2.5-hour workshop, we will embark on a transformative journey, discovering themselves through the workshop's content and subtle ways to elevate the financial...

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Mastermind Workshop: Crystal Clear Communication & Content Strategy

event mastermind workshop Feb 20, 2024

Mastermind Workshop: Crystal Clear Communication & Content Strategy


This workshop is facilitated by Pauliina Rasi

Are your communication and content constantly driving new clients behind your door?

Do they serve your existing clients in the optimal way?

Help you move closer towards your goals and vision?

Register here to join us!


Effective communication and quality content are powerful tools to attract, nurture and even serve clients. 

But too often, they turn into an additional item on your already full to-do list - without turning into reliable business results. 


In this workshop, we'll look into all the aspects of your communication and content using the wheel of communication.

This allows you to gain clarity and make smart decisions about where your time is best spent and let go of the rest with a good conscience. 


Together, we will:

  • Evaluate your current communication & marketing portfolio
  • Set goals for the upcoming...
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The events calendar is up and includes an open doors event in March!

calendar events workshop Jan 25, 2024

The year ahead is looking full of inspiring things to learn and people to meet with the events.


At the end of the year I had the agenda planned until June in about 60minutes. With so many people and so many skills to share, it's a pleasure to see it come together in this way. And there more coming too!


Maybe there is something there for you?

We have a maximum of 15 participants per workshop, so we are sure to have space to handle the different topics and specific challenges people bring.


We have a selection of workshops allowing us to upskill like:

- Pauliina Rasi's "Crystal Clear Communication Strategy" in the 28th of February

- Creative Problem Solving by Adi Muslic back for a rerun in April

- The link between profit and mindset by Fran Strickland on June 24th


Open doors networking breakfast and summer parties that you can drop into for free even if you are not yet a member.

Feel the vibe and just spend some time meeting like minded people and having a...

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Turn your "old" problem upside down to get a new view on it

Do you find you are often "stuck" on the same issue?
Turn the problem upside down, and look at it from a different angle.

Have you ever thought about how much other professionals, in in unrelated fields, can help you look at your own business from a fresh angle?

During our creative problem solving workshop held by Adi Muslic we did just this.

Adi’s expertise in project management is mostly from working with big organisations, but the post-it fuelled creative problem-solving method applies perfectuly to small businesses as well.

Here are five takeaways I walked away with:

1. Approach the problem from a different angle.
Brainstorm solutions on sticky notes & draw them too… This opens up your thinking to new solutions!

2. Tap into collective intelligence - don’t ruminate about it alone.
Set a problem-solving coffee date with a trusted group of entrepreneurs and get creative.

3. Have the courage to eliminate the weakest solutions.
Keep only the...

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THAT dreaded interview question – and what to do about it.

interview workshop Jan 11, 2024

What’s THAT interview question you dread?

You’d better be ready to answer it!

Discomfort shows during an interview, even if there is nothing to hide, or nothing done “wrong”, the discomfort IS contagious. And it’s worth getting rid of.


Often you already have the answer inside of you, you just need a little help formulating it clearly and to gather the confidence with which to express yourself if and when you need to answer it.

In this "most common interview mistakes" article that you can download, I cover a few I’ve seen throughout my career and how you can avoid them.


If you want to practice your own interviewing skills book yourself a “boost-me" workshop and well make sure you are “sticky-interview-question-ready”!

Details can be found with this link


It’s time to get rid of the doubts and make sure your interview goes smoothly. And have some fun doing it!

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Mastering the Art of Customer Journeys Workshop - January 24th

Captivate and Delight Your Customers.

 We all know the customer journey is important. Sure.

But how many of us have correctly evaluated the various touch points, their importance and how to best interact at each client intersection point?

If for you (like me), it's not a bad idea to go back to the drawing board and make sure your ducks are in a row, this workshop is for you. 


This upcoming workshop is facilitated by Julie de Meyer

Held on Wednesday 24th of January between 09:00 and 11:00 in Nyon. You'll find more information here.


We'll be considering these questions: 

Is your customer journey optimized for success?

How do you gauge customer satisfaction and encourage positive word-of-mouth?

What strategies do you use to foster customer loyalty and retention?

How do you harness strategic insights from your customers?


Join us for a dynamic live workshop where you'll dive deep into your customer journey map, ensuring it's finely tuned for...

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