Magical accountability

mastermind Mar 12, 2024

Accountability contributes up to 95% of our achievements.


This is what a recent Forbes article states.

Want to experiment?
1. Set yourself a step you absolutely must take but have been procrastinating on (you know you have one!)
2. Tell someone you genuinely respect by when you will do it
3. Watch yourself complete that pesky task!

Personally I have always made it work for me through the magic of mastermind groups.

Do you agree it's such a big part of success?
How do you make it work for yourself?

Accountability may sound boring, but it's secretly a whole lot of fun when you’re surrounded by inspiring people, did I forget to mention that?!


Learn more about the MasterMinds and join a group to keep you on your toes!

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Mastermind Workshop: Crystal Clear Communication & Content Strategy

event mastermind workshop Feb 20, 2024

Mastermind Workshop: Crystal Clear Communication & Content Strategy


This workshop is facilitated by Pauliina Rasi

Are your communication and content constantly driving new clients behind your door?

Do they serve your existing clients in the optimal way?

Help you move closer towards your goals and vision?

Register here to join us!


Effective communication and quality content are powerful tools to attract, nurture and even serve clients. 

But too often, they turn into an additional item on your already full to-do list - without turning into reliable business results. 


In this workshop, we'll look into all the aspects of your communication and content using the wheel of communication.

This allows you to gain clarity and make smart decisions about where your time is best spent and let go of the rest with a good conscience. 


Together, we will:

  • Evaluate your current communication & marketing portfolio
  • Set goals for the upcoming...
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Do you remember to celebrate your wins?

celebration mastermind Jan 30, 2024

When was the last time you stopped to celebrate what you have achieved?

When I launched my first mastermind group in September last year, my objective was to support others to stick to their goals. I knew from my own experience how hard it can be to turn ambitious plans into reality.

My first group consisted of six entrepreneurs who took the leap and joined the community.

Three months down the line, the “originals” (Yes, that’s their group name!) all stayed on for a new period and I opened up two new groups: “Omm” and “The No Vowels”

You guessed it, choosing the name is a game the groups play together early on and it gets creative!

Here is what members are saying:

“My productivity goes up because I want to be sure I can check off my priorities for the next week. As a result, I’m feeling motivated because I see that I’m moving forward quickly!”

"The weekly huddle in a supportive, diverse, smart group of people to set my...

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Meet Helen von Dadelszen: "I'm a thespian at heart and singing lights me up."

events mastermind members Jan 25, 2024

Within our Mastermind community we have so many inspiring individuals. In this presentation series you are introduced to them.

Meet Helen von Dadelszen.

She’s a public speaking and voice coach specialising in supporting researchers, healthcare professionals and humanitarian staff to explain their work to the world with confidence. Originally from New Zealand, she now calls Switzerland home. She has a background in Human Resource Management, NGO and event management and dabbled in English teaching too once upon a time.


« I'm masterminding because I believe that we are stronger together and believe in the collective power of supporting and pushing each other forward. »


One of her favourite motto’s is “work smarter not harder.” And its become contagouis. We all repeat this to each other and ourselves when we hear the instinct to over-complicate or “over-perfect”.

Helen has a superpower to unlock someone’s...

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What IS a Mastermind group even?

community mastermind Jan 15, 2024

 "The concept sounds interesting, but... what IS a mastermind group exactly?"

That’s a question I’ve heard a lot over the past few months!


So I decided to list the basics.

What is a mastermind group?
You’ll find a whole host of definitions; this is my summarised one!

A mastermind group is made up of around five members who help each other grow professionally with advice and active support from the other members. The concept was created by Napoleon Hill in 1925.

How, specifically, do members support each other?
-       By sharing a problem and all focus together to find the best solution
-       Growing through combined networks
-       Teaching each other about our expertise for growth
-       Holding each other accountable for goals and actions
-       Providing a safe space to move...

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