Turn your "old" problem upside down to get a new view on it

Do you find you are often "stuck" on the same issue?
Turn the problem upside down, and look at it from a different angle.

Have you ever thought about how much other professionals, in in unrelated fields, can help you look at your own business from a fresh angle?

During our creative problem solving workshop held by Adi Muslic we did just this.

Adi’s expertise in project management is mostly from working with big organisations, but the post-it fuelled creative problem-solving method applies perfectuly to small businesses as well.

Here are five takeaways I walked away with:

1. Approach the problem from a different angle.
Brainstorm solutions on sticky notes & draw them too… This opens up your thinking to new solutions!

2. Tap into collective intelligence - don’t ruminate about it alone.
Set a problem-solving coffee date with a trusted group of entrepreneurs and get creative.

3. Have the courage to eliminate the weakest solutions.
Keep only the strongest and break it down in stages, until you’ve got an action plan you can implement effortlessly.

4. Bring in the Devil’s Advocate whose mission is to challenge the solutions.
It’s the fastest way to see the faults in your thinking and create better more solid options.
5. Be open to outcomes you didn’t expect.
Sometimes the answer comes in the form you didn’t anticipate - and that may be just what you needed to get unstuck!

This workshop will be back for edition two on the 27th of May. Join us by saving your spot here.

The workshops are included in B-Inspired Mastermind memberships and open (upon availability) to anyone for CHF45. 

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