Do you remember to celebrate your wins?

celebration mastermind Jan 30, 2024

When was the last time you stopped to celebrate what you have achieved? ✨

When I launched my first mastermind group in September last year, my objective was to support others to stick to their goals. I knew from my own experience how hard it can be to turn ambitious plans into reality.

My first group consisted of six entrepreneurs who took the leap and joined the community.

Three months down the line, the “originals” (Yes, that’s their group name!) all stayed on for a new period and I opened up two new groups: “Omm” and “The No Vowels”

You guessed it, choosing the name is a game the groups play together early on and it gets creative!

Here is what members are saying:

🎉 “My productivity goes up because I want to be sure I can check off my priorities for the next week. As a result, I’m feeling motivated because I see that I’m moving forward quickly!”

🎉 "The weekly huddle in a supportive, diverse, smart group of people to set my priorities straight and keep me accountable.”

🎉 "Showing up every Monday morning is an important part of investing in myself .”

🎉 "My favourite things are the in-person meetups and local knowledge which sets the group apart from any possible online group.”

🎉 “I love being part of this empowering community where we all bring in our personal strengths, personalities and perspectives.”

🎉 “The mastermind group has become a family. It is a space for safe, trusted and open communication"

I’m opening up more groups throughout the year and as the volume gets a little larger, it’s also becoming easier to join at a time slot that is convenient to your specific schedule.

But in the meantime, it’s time to live as I preach and take a short moment to celebrate the success of the first groups!

To do so, we took a moment to reflect on how we are going to celebrate having shown up consistently, and creating a positive momentum for ourselves and our businesses.

If you’re curious about the concept you can either apply to join a Mastermind group here or simply join on of the upcoming workshops to get a feel for the vibe, you can see the full agenda here 

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