Meet Helen von Dadelszen: "I'm a thespian at heart and singing lights me up."

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Within our Mastermind community we have so many inspiring individuals. In this presentation series you are introduced to them.

Meet Helen von Dadelszen.

She’s a public speaking and voice coach specialising in supporting researchers, healthcare professionals and humanitarian staff to explain their work to the world with confidence. Originally from New Zealand, she now calls Switzerland home. She has a background in Human Resource Management, NGO and event management and dabbled in English teaching too once upon a time.


« I'm masterminding because I believe that we are stronger together and believe in the collective power of supporting and pushing each other forward. »


One of her favourite motto’s is “work smarter not harder.” And its become contagouis. We all repeat this to each other and ourselves when we hear the instinct to over-complicate or “over-perfect”.

Helen has a superpower to unlock someone’s potential when they speak - whether it's in front on their industry, their board, their staff or a potential funder or client. Finding the right words and matching that with a confident and professional delivery will lead to success. She is holding a unique event on the 1st of February - "Elavate your Presence". It's an opportunity to get on stage and shine! Read all about it here.


She provides group trainings and individual coaching on putting together a presentation, rehearsing, using voice and body effectively. “Teach your butterflies to fly in formation. » is another firm favourite expression !


Helen specialises in working with non-native English speakers and those from academia, NGOs and the healthcare field.


Typically her clients come to her because they are terrified of or "bad" at speaking in public and need a confidence boost, or who have a high-stakes presentation that they need help preparing and polishing.

Have a look at Helen’s Website here 



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