Looking for a venue in the center of Nyon? Rent the Clubhouse!

clubhouse office space Jun 30, 2024

Our B-inspired Clubhouse can be booked for your own events too. Read on for more information.

The space has been created specifically to host a variety of dirrerent types of events. Whether you are booking it for a workshop, A space to hold a meeting or conference call or maybe you want somewhere that can be used for making a video or taking some pictures?

Tables move around and can be folded to the side easily

The beamer projects onto a big white wall and is connected through bluetooth

It will fit up to 20 people

The flip chart os ready to spark creativity

A coffee machine is ever ready to go (it loves to make itself heard though!)

5 minute walk from the Nyon train station


In short, its a lovely space that has already seen many lovely people in it (of which you are likely one!)

Wednesday - Sunday it's rentable depending on availability obviously at pretty competitive rates.

Head over to the website for a few more Images and all the information you might be looking...

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Exciting News: Our New Office Space - "The Clubhouse" is OPEN!

Exciting News: Our New Office Space - "The Clubhouse" is OPEN!

There is some thrilling news to share – A brand spanking new office space for our community (That's you)!

Picture this: fresh paint on the walls, sleek desks awaiting bustling activity, and the aroma of fresh coffee wafting through the air. Yes, all you need to feel at home and inspired to get going!

There have been so many hands on board in all kinds of ways, I feel really grateful for and there are simply too many people to mention, I hope you know who you are. With their dedication and hard work, we’ve transformed a mere idea of a "space", into a buzzing hub of creativity and collaboration.

So, what can you expect to find? Think spacious room for brainstorming sessions, dream away in the window sil for quiet contemplation, and of course, a coffee machine & tea selection. Because let’s be real, productivity needs fuel!

It’s time to roll up our sleeves and make magic happen in...

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We've got the keys!


The B-inspired Office Space

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