Looking for a venue in the center of Nyon? Rent the Clubhouse!

clubhouse office space Jun 30, 2024

Our B-inspired Clubhouse can be booked for your own events too. Read on for more information.

The space has been created specifically to host a variety of dirrerent types of events. Whether you are booking it for a workshop, A space to hold a meeting or conference call or maybe you want somewhere that can be used for making a video or taking some pictures?

Tables move around and can be folded to the side easily

The beamer projects onto a big white wall and is connected through bluetooth

It will fit up to 20 people

The flip chart os ready to spark creativity

A coffee machine is ever ready to go (it loves to make itself heard though!)

5 minute walk from the Nyon train station


In short, its a lovely space that has already seen many lovely people in it (of which you are likely one!)

Wednesday - Sunday it's rentable depending on availability obviously at pretty competitive rates.

Head over to the website for a few more Images and all the information you might be looking for. 
And of course if there are any questions please get in touch.


We've got the keys!


The B-inspired Office Space

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