"This is probably not important BUT…."

 "This is probably not important BUT…."

Have you noticed how this sentence is often followed by THE MOST IMPORTANT information?

Time and time again I have discussions with my clients and we get to a point where an “afterthought” suddenly comes up.

It’s often preceded by this sentence, and whenever I hear it, I have to stop myself from jumping in and saying “it IS important” before I even heard what it is.

Self-awareness is a tricky thing.

We are self-aware - up to a certain point.
Beyond that point our subconscious is a mysterious place.

A way help to unravel that mystery is by listening to the choice of words we use to get clues.

In order to start listening to ourselves in that way, the easiest way to get started is to listen in to the choice of words used by others (it’s easier than catching ourselves).

From there make the transition to hearing ourselves say them.

See if you can catch yourself or someone saying it and listen in to what...

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