Last call for current rates: What has happened so far?

masterminds news Jun 10, 2024

We’re approaching our MasterMinds community’s 1st birthday in September.

So much has happened in a short time, thanks in a very big part to the great ideas that have been coming in from our members. Something I am feeling very grateful for, thank you!

In September the options are being updated, more on that soon. In the meantime before the rates go up you have a few days left to register at the current rate of CHF600 for the 6-month period and start with your MasterMinds group in September. 

Here is a quick overview of what has happened in this time. 

 We grew to 21 members within the MasterMinds community, with an extended community joining us at events regularly of over 50 members
There are now 4 parallel MasterMinds groups
 Our Clubhouse opened its doors on the 13th of March 
We have held a total of 12 workshops held by 8 different facilitators
There have been 2 networking events with a total attendance of around 100 people!
We have...

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