Registrations Disappoint for Your Event - What Now?

You're organizing an event and then you struggle to get the registrations you were hoping for. What now?

We've all been there at one time or another. You have THE idea for an event, workshop, or any type of initiative that requires registrations.

You promote and share the good news with your audience in all the ways you can come up with. You're feeling excited, and you are sure it's going to be a hit.

And registrations fall flat. For what you hoped to be a 50-person event, you're struggling to get past 15.

Aiming for 10, it's about 3.

Obviously, final sales pushes and other strategies aside. What to do if that number stays low?

List your options:

  • Cancel
  • Postpone
  • Go ahead

Personally, I'm, in many cases, a fan of the last option. Go ahead anyway, and here's why.

Smaller audiences allow for much more interaction than you planned in your initial flow. This means you can fire away with your questions too and use the extra time to stimulate a healthy debate about the topic and the event...

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