What - specifically - makes the salary question difficult?

Uncategorized Mar 12, 2024

Salary is one of the topics I often find myself discussing with clients and during the “boost-me” workshops.


It's common to cause discomfort, getting clarity around the salary question is not easy and it's one people are not inclined to discuss with each other in many cases generating a taboo feeling.


I hear two recurring things a lot, and my curiosity led me to start a poll in LinkedIn to satisfy my curiosity on the matter once and for all what is generating the salary discomfort specifically?


I asked people to vote in one of two options:

What do you personally find harder?

1. Setting the expectation: Settling on a number to communicate

2. The actual discussion: Asking for a raise or negotiating the salary "talk"

Take a moment to consider what you would have voted? Isolating specifically where the discomfort is coming from will help solve the issue in a more targeted way.

The answer was frustrating and intriguing all at once - It was a straight 50/50 split !


I suppose my feeling of curiosity was at least justified even though I didn’t get the closure I had hoped for. 🤣


Are you struggling with one or the other and could use a boost-me workshop too? You’ll find the information on what it is here and how it can help you get unstuck. 



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