The "Boost-Me" Workshop.

A 90-min power packed session focusing on what's holding you back and creating new solutions to break through, in a way natural to YOU. 

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What topics can we cover?

Are you facing any of the following? 

  • Polishing your application game, make sure you are "Application Ready"
  • Preparing for interviews. Specifically the difficult questions.
  • Navigating salary negotiations & deciding how much to ask for.
  • Making difficult decisions when navigating a turning point in your career

Or maybe you're dealing with your own unique combination of all! Either way, here is a good place to start :-)

Application Ready

It's been a while since the last time you put yourself out there?

What do you need to put in your CV, what to leave out?

What documents do you need? How do you leverage your network? WHERE TO START!

Lets take a look at what your objectives and options are and navigate the lay of the land so you feel ready.


Interview Preparation

There are always the questions you hope won't be asked. Guess what, you will probably be asked... That's why we jump straight into them and together we elaborate the best way for your to navigate the sticky questions.

Often you already have the answer inside of you, you just need a little help formulating it clearly and to gather the confidence with which to express yourself if and when you need to answer it.

Salary Negotiations

It's one of those taboo topics that is difficult to discuss let alone know what you can and should be asking for.

What are the options that exist? How do you go about setting your salary expectation? Communicating it clearly? And how flexible or not, to be when confronted with an offer?

Gather clarity on your negotiable and non-negotiabls and practice the discussion so you are ready for action on the day!

Difficult Decisions

If you're facing a turning point or you're trying to make some big decisions in your life, the simply array of options can be overwhelming on its own.

We dive into your reality. Pick apart what your priorities are exactly, what information you want to be finding in order to take decisions with clarity and how to avoid finding yourself facing the same questions further down the line (again)!

We develop a light hearted approach to a very serious question, remove overwhelm and clear a path for you to take.


Create Your Own

You know exactly what you are stuck on and what you need. Use this space to dive deep into what is holding you back and come out refreshed with a new persoective and solutions in sight.

From within our own situations we cannot always see clearly.  often all we need is someone to think alongside us, ask the right questions and help us look at things differently.

Once you have that in sight, you're up and running!

Boost-Me Workshop

CHF 380.-

All included

All items are personalised to your specific situation.

  • Preparation call
  • Targeted Pre-Work
  • Personalised workshop running order
  • 90min Individual Workshop (online or in-person Nyon area)
  • Progress Report
  • Action Points Check-List
Let's do it!

How does it work? 

Once you register for your workshop, you will receive an email with all the information and links you need to: 

  1. Schedule: Pick a slot that suits you.
  2. Define Goals: Share your specific challenge.
  3. Do the Pre-work: Maximise what you will get out of the workshop.
  4. Power Session: A focused 90-minute workshop to propel you forward.
  5. Action points: Work through the checklist and get moving.

Expect tangible improvements right after the workshop as well as a confidence and motivation boost to tackle what lays ahead with energy.

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Spending time with Mandy has given me clarity and structure. In a period when everything seemed so confusing and hopeless, she managed to put order back into my head. We together created a concrete, step-by-step action plan which was much more engaging than just being given something to follow. It made our session tailor made and immediately gained my buy-in. We also had a chance to role play which made practice fun and this allowed me to gain some empirical experience right away. As Mandy is an outstanding evaluator, her feedback after practice was clear, spot-on and very well structured. Overall, she managed to boost my confidence and showed me how to have more faith in myself. I can only recommend her!


For the last couple of months, I have been working with Mandy. She coaches me on how to further develop my video production business here in Lausanne.

It started out with finding the sweet spot between my dreams, my strengths and my reality. This gave me a focal point for the future of my business.

Mandy is full of energy and full of ideas! She gives me these win-win situations that I can take to my clients and apply to my business which is great and it really motivates me a lot. I would definitely recommend to anybody to work with Mandy!


L’expérience Career Roadmap a été révélatrice. Mandy a le don de combiner une présence bienveillante et sensible à sa palette d’expérience et conseils très pertinents. Je me suis sentie invitée à voir autrement ma situation professionnelle et mes choix de vie. Grâce à un accompagnement ciblé et des questionnements très précis, j’ai eu l’impression de décortiquer moi-même ma situation et de trouver les réponses cachées en moi. Pour ce faire, l’accompagnement a été indispensable. Les nouvelles prises de conscience m’ont accompagnée dans l’affirmation de nouvelles perspectives de vie, où celles professionnelles sont alignées à celles personnelles. Je sens avoir évolué et je sens intégrer jour après jour les révélations que j’ai eues. J’avance maintenant déterminée et confiante avec la force d’assumer mes choix de carrière. Merci Mandy ! 

Big things have small beginnings. 

Looking for longer term support? Instead of one session, make it a set of four sessions and an assessment with the Career Roadmap.


The Career Roadmap