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Professional Development Bootcamp is an online course designed to take you from the vague desire to taking charge of your career to targeted action that will have you set on your path to success!

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The secret to managing your career...

You don’t want to wake up one day with the painful realisation of never becoming who you know you could have been.

Boost your confidence and move ahead in the right direction for you.


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This free webinar gives you a practical starting point in your journey to gain not only professional clarity, but more clarity into what you want from life in general. Got 45 minutes?

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Know what you are capable of and see the results manifest in your life. 

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Recognise and seize opportunities you come across. No excuses necessary.

Thrive !

Feel the energy and strength that comes with knowing you are at your best.





"The Unlock Your Potential course was a real turn around for me. 

In a matter of weeks I went from an unsure dreamer to a confident doer. The course guides you through each step of the process and sets you up for success and building your confidence.

Mandy is such a sunny person. She’s extremely invested and accessible.

I highly recommend this course for anyone kick-starting a new chapter in their life!"

Online Course

CHF 757

(approx. EUR 700)

  • 6 Modules (detailed below)
  • 3 Bonuses (control your nerves, DISCOVER assessments)
  • Workbook and resources
  • Checklists (Salary setting, Interview matrix, Networking)
  • Video and audio training
  • Progress tracking system
  • Buddy system (Get that accountability going!)
  • Free access to the online workshops (reserve your spot)
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Unlock your potential bootcamp 

The online course is a 12-week course made up of 6 modules. Go at your own pace and work through the exercises to provoke breakthrough career insights.

Monitor your own progress before and after the modules and keep track of your development with the user friendly workbooks provided.

Move forward with success and energy thanks to the practical and authentic approach.




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1. Self awareness

What do you do better than anybody else? Work to your strengths.

2. Resilience

Success doesn't happen overnight, fasten your seat-belt and enjoy the ride!

3. Your environment

Put your feet back on the ground and find your niche.

4. Communicate clearly

State who you are and what you stand for clearly. Make sure you are understood.

5. Identify
your tribe

Who are your allies? Find your people, nothing happens in a vacuum.

6. Make the
action plan

Put the pieces of the puzzle together and live the life YOU want.



Mandy’s experience is very versatile allowing her to understand the context from different perspectives.

The person and the job are inseperable and she can connect the dots.

For those of us who already have self-awareness, you are able to put the knowledge into concrete action points giving the support on where to get started.”



“The Get Unstuck workshop was truly helpful to me, it helped me identify what my priorities were and what was the non-negotiable components of my life.

It gave me clarity on what I was not willing to compromise on and hence, what I do need to look for regarding the next steps of my life.

It was definitely worth the time and money and I would recommend it to anyone who is feeling lost or not sure what to do next in his/her life.”

Make your own definition of success.

Get clear on what you want, and make it happen.

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