Watch The Webinar: Get Unstuck

Summer is a great time for some reflection. Why not watch the "Get Unstuck" webinar and let your mind wander over what you want next for yourself?


In this webinar I cover 3 main topics:

What are you good at?
Not just good; but better than most people. These are probably elements you may not even consider as you think they are so easy for you, everyone else must find them easy too. They don't. Go on a treasure hunt of your own biggest strengths. How do you identify them and what can you do with them?

What are your dreams?
Silly as it can feel, it's so common that we don't really know what we WANT. Don't worry though, this is perfectly normal. In the dreams section I give a few hints on how you can go about identifying which direction you WANT to go in, rather than thinking through all the things you COULD do. They are two very different things!

What is your reality?
Yup. The scrooge of the three! Yet you need to be taking into consideration your reality if you are going to make any successful decisions at all.
What are your priorities right not? Your non-negotiables? This through the real details like family life and time constraints. Financial requirements. Get a good oversight of the context within which you are operating.

Bring it all together.
And then set yourself a few simple action points that can get you moving in that direction.

Before you get started, download the workbook here. It will allow you to keep track of your ideas and insights for now, but also for later reference.


Workbook in hand? Watch the webinar here, you'll need about 45-60 minutes to work through it.

I hope you find the webinar useful and get some ideas!



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