Upcoming changes to the MasterMinds membership structure

Uncategorized Jun 20, 2024

The B-inspired community has grown well so far. Like any entrepreneurial venture, from time to time you reach a point whereby you need to rethink and update the structure and processes that are in place to make sure they are still effective.


Upcoming changes to the MasterMinds membership structure

As of June 17th, the structure of the Mastermind membership will evolve. There will be 3 separate options depending on what your current priorities are.  


If you are already a member, you will see a few changes happening between now and over the next few weeks

  • Members directory in progress so you can find and work with each other in an easier way. There is a questionnaire for you to fill out here that will allow me to compile the information.
  • Alignment 60min session for you to set your priorities and milestones for the upcoming months
  • Clubhouse can be rented for your own workshops or any other use you may have for it. You can see all the rental options with this link
  • Regular co-working sessions free for members to join
  • The “Next Level” tier will offer a CHF500 voucher worth of services with another MasterMinds Member of your choice. Start outsourcing and actively help each other grow by working together. 
  • The survey showed a strong interest in monthly payment plan options, these will be installed  as with the new options structure on the website very soon.



All that’s left for me to say right now is a very big thank you for your trust, your participation and your enthusiasm. I personally love the community we are all creating together and I’m convinced we on a path to growing together and individually, but also creating entirely new things as a result of our collaboration. Let’s make magic happen!


Please let me know if you have any questions on the information above and we will see each other very soon on one way or another.



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