The MasterMinds Summer party - The planned and the unplanned!


On the 11th of June we had our summer party at the new Clubhouse. Hit the play button for a welcome message...!

It was an opportunity for us all to get together, MasterMinds members and friends and not so much network as get to know each other a little better ... from a different angle lets say!


Get a new nickname.
Of course there will always be a game of some sort... :-) I just can't resit. 
This time around it was all about learning what your conversation partner is passionate about. As participants listened to their partners give some insight as to what they love to do, they were given the task to come up with a nickname for them based on what they perceived. One the receiver liked may I add!
This nickname went onto the name tags and so it fuelled some interesting conversations post-ice breaker too. 

Who knew we had such a musical community?
We could have made a band with "Sax", "Starmania", "Maestro", "Rhythm" and "Treble Clef" 🤩
As I look at the picture I see "Hope" speaking to "Miss Booksmarts", "Challenger" in conversation with "Geo" and "Gamemaster" in discussion with "Imagine" and "Discover"
I'll leave you to investigate ;-)

The MasterMinds Community timeline.
When did you join the MasterMinds?
What were the most memorable moments?
What coéaboratios came up as a result?
In short, it produced a wonderful visual of what had happened in the space of a year. And it's only just the beginning!

A Helium-fuelled after party

As the last of us remained, it was remarked that we can't let perfectly good helium in the balloons go to waste. It felt a little like we were doing a secret drug as we stood in a circle with our balloons emptying them of helium. They led to some hilarious renditions of "We are the World" and "Ain't no mountain high enough".

As I closed off for the evening, and still now I think "Where else do we get a group of smart, ambitious people who want to make a change in the world. And who can also get together to kick back and laugh until we cry together?"

I feel truly blessed to be a part of it all, and a huge thank you to all those there for making it such a lovely evening!


We've got the keys!


The B-inspired Office Space

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