"I'm an Introvert and I Just Don't Have Great Social Skills"

Uncategorized Apr 26, 2024

I hear this over and over, and it makes me want to cry: "I'm an introvert, and I just don't have great social skills."

I feel like before I say anything, a disclaimer is relevant because I always get a few comments on the introvert/extravert label. I’m also not a fan of the introvert/extravert “boxes”; we all relate to different ones at different times, but for simplification’s sake, I’ve gone with it anyway as I hear people refer to themselves that way so often.

  • In a world full of talkers, introverts are capable of listening.
  • In a world full of showing off, introverts observe.
  • In a world full of opportunists, introverts build lasting relations.

I could go on for a while, but you get the point. These are EXCELLENT social skills.

And here is the other thing:

I believe many of us have those characteristics, but they have been trained out of us by society.

  • We believe we need to shout louder, or we won't be heard.
  • We believe we need to show off what we do, or no one will respect us.
  • We believe we have to edit our connections with a "what can they do for me" filter, or we'll get nowhere in life.

But deep in our hearts, we're all exhausted with it.

Let's reconnect to our introvert wisdom from time to time and remember that an extraverted person does not mean they have good social skills. The opposite may very well be true.

Any thoughts on the matter welcome.

Rant over!


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