Did you know there is an "Upcoming Events" WhatsApp group?

upcoming events Jul 10, 2024

Interested in hearing about our upcoming events? Join the WhatsApp group!

There is a lot going on in terms of events and activities. In order to keep it simple we have created a WhatsApp group in which we will keep you informed. 

The group is a no chat group.
Upcoming events linked to our community will be published as they appear on the calendar radar.

Some will guide you to the website in case you want to read more about it or register. 
Others will invite you to join a different group on the topic specifically so you can keep updated.

It's an easy way to keep informed without having to go looking for the information every time.

Free to join
It's free for anyone to join. If you are interested you can request to join us here. You will be let in shortly after. There is a filter to avoid robots or those that are ill-intentioned 😅😅 Yes fine, I cant remember the proper term but you know what I mean!

Have a look in the Group Description
Once you are in the group have a look at the group description that has some relevant details in there like the types of events and a link to the registration page.

WhatsApp group overwhelm? Here's a tip!
Are you also feeling slightly overwhelmed by all the WhastApp groups and the amount of messages it generates.
Archive them all and put them on mute. Check your archived messages periodically and keep the overwhelm at bay! 


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