The Career Roadmap.

A personalised roadmap created with 4x 1:1 sessions based on your Discover assessment. We take a step back to see your big picture and how reach your destination.


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From Unsure to Inspired in 4 steps

"First it a mindset. Then it's an attitude. Then it becomes your reality."

Dan Waldschmidt

1. Complete your Assessment

Based on your unique scores on the dimensions of behaviour and motivation, stimulate new insights on your communication style and underlying passions.

You complete the assessment online and you can book your individual sessions through the support platform.


2. DISCOVER your profile.

We dive into the report! What does yours read? And what does it mean in your own specific context?

How do you apply the knowledge into your life and make the tangible changes you want to see happen?

Your Behaviour and Motivation profile hold valuable information and clues. 

3. Define your vision and the path. 

This is the best part! We dive into your dreams. What impact do you want to make in the world? And what are the paths that can lead you there?

You'd be surprised how the answers are never as far fetched as we originally fear they are!


4. Leverage what you already have.

You have years of valuable skills in you. So many strengths to leverage and people ready to support you wherever possible. All you need to do is piece them together intelligently. 

The final piece of the puzzle lies in taking inspired action and then you're running in the right direction.

Career Roadmap

CHF 1'200.-

  • Discover behaviour assessment
  • DiscoverĀ motivator assessment
  • Personalised feedback document
  • 4 x 1:1 career planning sessions (60min)
  • Workbooks and additional documentation
  • BONUS: Access to online course
  • BONUS: Behaviour and motivators e-books
Let's do it!

The support you need to take control of your career - and your life. 

Stimulate a refreshing and new eye-opening thought process!

The career roadmap an individual service, based on your personal Discover assessment results. They are used as a base to create your personal career roadmap. Together, we interpret what they mean in your specific context and create a clear vision and path to follow. 


For the last couple of months, I have been working with Mandy. She coaches me on how to further develop my video production business here in Lausanne.

It started out with finding the sweet spot between my dreams, my strengths and my reality. This gave me a focal point for the future of my business.

Mandy is full of energy and full of ideas! She gives me these win-win situations that I can take to my clients and apply to my business which is great and it really motivates me a lot. I would definitely recommend to anybody to work with Mandy!


L’expérience Career Roadmap a été révélatrice. Mandy a le don de combiner une présence bienveillante et sensible à sa palette d’expérience et conseils très pertinents. Je me suis sentie invitée à voir autrement ma situation professionnelle et mes choix de vie. Grâce à un accompagnement ciblé et des questionnements très précis, j’ai eu l’impression de décortiquer moi-même ma situation et de trouver les réponses cachées en moi. Pour ce faire, l’accompagnement a été indispensable. Les nouvelles prises de conscience m’ont accompagnée dans l’affirmation de nouvelles perspectives de vie, où celles professionnelles sont alignées à celles personnelles. Je sens avoir évolué et je sens intégrer jour après jour les révélations que j’ai eues. J’avance maintenant déterminée et confiante avec la force d’assumer mes choix de carrière. Merci Mandy ! 


Your words of encouragement really touch me, thank you.

I've learnt a lot with you, in particular you've made me feel more confident and turned around some of what I saw as "less appealing" aspects into "appealing" (eg my age).

The work with you has been a real eye-opener for me so thank you again.

Big things have small beginnings. 



The Career Roadmap