Mastermind Workshop: Mastering the Art of Customer Journeys

The workshop is facilitated by Julie de Meyer


Mastering the Art of Customer Journeys: Captivate and Delight Your Customers.


Is your customer journey optimized for success?


How do you gauge customer satisfaction and encourage positive word-of-mouth?


What strategies do you use to foster customer loyalty and retention?


How do you harness strategic insights from your customers?



Join us for a dynamic live workshop where you'll dive deep into your customer journey map, ensuring it's finely tuned for excellence.


What You Will Learn?


  • What is a Customer Journey: Dive into the world of customer journeys and understand their critical role in shaping customer experiences, illustrated through a real-life example.
  • Identifying The 5 Key Elements: Learn how to spot the pivotal components that define a successful customer journey and explore concrete examples for each to drive home the concepts.
  • Your Turn: Hands-On Engagement: Roll up your sleeves and actively participate in exercises and activities, ensuring you can immediately apply the discussed strategies and enhance your own customer journey.
  • Q&A and Interactive Discussion: Get your burning questions addressed and engage in dynamic discussions with experts and peers, gaining deeper insights and clarity on specific topics.


At the heart of it all, you'll gain more than knowledge; you'll become part of a vibrant network of like-minded MASTERMINDS, ready to elevate their customer journeys to new heights.


About Your Trainer:

Julie, dynamic Swiss solopreneur coach, is your go-to expert for enhancing efficiency in your do-good solopreneur venture.

With a background in hospitality management from the world-renowned school EHL and design skills from NESAD in Boston, Julie brings a unique blend of service excellence and artistic flair to her coaching.

When not at Masterminds get-togethers, she specializes in optimizing the customer journey, offering a ready-to-use toolkit tailored for solopreneurs, including brand elements, documents, templates, and core business systems.



Monday 9th September 


Nyon Center (communicated upon registration)

45.00 CHF