Family Constellations Workshop

This workshop is facilitated by Afke van Mansum

Unlock Deeper Connections with our Family Constellations Workshop

Are you ready to transform your personal relationships and strengthen
your bonds with family and friends?

🌟 What is Systemic Work and what are Family Constellations?

Systemic Work is a powerful psychological and analytical modality that
delves into the hidden systemic dynamics within families, companies and
human systems.

Family Constellations explore our family system by utilizing the innate
social wiring each of us possesses, through stand-ins for our family
members and important figures in our lives.

We find hidden patterns, gain profound insights into our own lives and
explore solutions for the challenges that life has thrown our way.

It’s like shining a light on the roots of a tree—revealing
connections, entanglements, and hidden influences.

Family Constellations workshops empower individuals to recognize hidden
dynamics, leading to greater freedom and agency in their lives.

🌟 Why Attend?

            * Heal and improve: Understand how generational patterns impact your
current mindset, behaviour and relationships. Release old burdens, stuck
patterns and create space for more peaceful and harmonious connections.
            * Discover hidden dynamics: Uncover subconscious dynamics that affect
your interactions, with your spouse, children, parents, siblings, or
friends. Family Constellations reveals the unseen and awareness is an
essential step towards resolution.
            * Resolve and move on: Move even beyond intellectual understanding.
This is an experience that empowers you to take your rightful place in
your family system. Knowing your role and realizing when boundaries are
overstepped creates harmony and peace within relationships.
            * Navigate Challenges: Gain tools to navigate challenges, conflicts,
and emotional distress. Strengthen your resilience and find pathways to

🌟 The Workshop

If you are ready for a shift, if you want to stop repeating the same
fight with your spouse or children, if you want to change your approach
with your parents or your feelings around a difficult topic or memory,
you can explore any personal issue that keeps arising for you in your
life during this workshop.

In that case, please subscribe as an active participant and we will
contact you to explore your question(s) in advance of the workshop.

If you are simply curious about Family Constellations, you can also
participate as an observer and representative. The Constellation Field
moves everyone, providing insights and benefits even for those simply
observing, because it teaches you to notice concealed connections.

In that case, please subscribe as an observer and we will be happy to
welcome you at the workshop.

If you are more interested in Systemic Constellations from a work
perspective, to improve connections with a boss, colleagues, your
(project) team or between teams in your organization, please subscribe
to the Systemic workshop for Organisational Constellations.

🌟 The Coach

Afke van Mansum qualified as therapist & NLP life coach after a
corporate career of 20 years. Since 2017 she works with clients to reach
that elusive “eternal sunshine of the spotless mind”. After
finalizing a post-graduate in psychology, which included Family
Constellations, Transactional Analysis & NLP, she studied with NLP
founder John Grinder and got certified by OMNI & the National Guild of
Hypnotists, as well as learning the neuroscience and practices of
mind-body healing to treat traumatic experiences like childhood abuse,
burn-out and depression.

She volunteers with the Dutch Knowledge Centre on Transgenerational
Organized Violence and is one of the founders of,
which educates kids and teens on Diversity & Inclusion.

🌟 The Details

Date: Tuesday 6th of August 

Time: 09:30-16:00

Price: CHF50 for your constellation. Free for observers/Participants

Location: Nyon City Center