Mastermind Workshop: Leverage Improv

This workshop is facilitated by Mandy Bronsil

Its a well accepted fact that improvisation skills can prove a secret weapon when building your business

In this workshop we dive into the games, and leave our logical thinking at the door.

Improvisation helps develop several elements in business, but how exactly?

  • It allows you to think on your feet by sharpening your ability to respond quickly and creatively to unexpected situations. In business, that's gold.
  • It boosts innovation by nudging you out of your comfort zone, sparking innovative thinking. 
  • Improv hones your communication skills which are essential for effective leadership and collaboration. 

Is that enough to reassure you it makes sense to just come and have a morning full of fun and games?


The details:

Date:                          24th of April 2024

Time:                         09:00 to 11:00

Location:                    Nyon

Investment:               CHF 45,- for non Mastermind members


45.00 CHF