5xWorkshop Pass

Your not a Mastermind Members but your loving the workshops and the community!

 This is the solution for you!

With the 5xWorkshop Pass you get to attend 5 workshops of your choice at a 20% discount within the next 12 months.


Attending the mastermind network workshops are not just a source off continued learning and upskilling.

They are a source of inspiration and a wonderful way to network with some of the most inspiring entrepreneurs around our area:

Those working hard on their ambitious business plans, but having fun and staying mentally sane while at it. What's not to love!


Upon purchase you will receive a code to use to register to the workshops you choose (subject to availability).

Bathe in the ambiance and soak up the valuable skills as you go.


The details:

Quantity:                        5 workshops of your choice

Validity:                          12 months as of your date of purchase

Location:                         Nyon center or online

Investment:                    CHF 180,- for non Mastermind members


180.00 CHF